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SMOK Crack Down on Counterfeit Goods

Feb 09,2023 | yhssmoke

"Recently, Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co., Ltd. and the Dongguan police successfully shut down an illegal factory located in the Changan Industrial Zone, Dongguan. The factory was involved in the manufacture and sale of counterfeit SMOK brand atomizers and coils. The police found 11,940 coils with the SMOK trademark, 41 finished atomizers, 39,938 SMOK trademark logos and anti-counterfeiting codes, 9,350 packaging boxes, and a batch of manufacturing equipment such as presses, packaging machines, and laser engraving machines, with a total value of RMB 500,000.

The gang was highly secretive and the location was heavily guarded, accessible only by a narrow staircase. They had a complete counterfeit production chain, from assembly of electronic smoke core parts, to laser engraving, aluminum film packaging, and packaging boxes with fake anti-counterfeiting labels.

During the raid, several suspects were arrested, and the complete manufacturing and selling chain, including raw material storage, assembly production, packaging materials, and finished product warehouse, was completely dismantled, effectively stopping a large quantity of counterfeit and substandard SMOK brand electronic atomization products from entering the market."