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Apr 01,2023 | yhssmoke

I think many people have heard of the number 420 representing marijuana, but in addition to 420, 710 is also a modern (in the last 10 years) number representing marijuana. There are many codes for marijuana because of the illegal reasons, and there are many things that we cannot openly talk about, so we can only use codes. However, personally, I believe that we should use the word "marijuana" more often and not make it a taboo topic, so that everyone can more easily accept the normalization of marijuana.

420 originally represented a time, 4:20 pm. In the 60s and 70s, universities finished classes at 4 pm, and a group of people would gather every day at 4:20 pm to smoke marijuana together. This gradually spread and 420 became synonymous with marijuana. Now, April 20th is also known as "International Pot Smoking Day," but remember it's about smoking pot, not just marijuana.

What about 710? 710 means OIL, and if you flip OIL upside down and backwards, you'll see 710. Oil represents marijuana oil, a concentrated form of marijuana that is currently a popular way of smoking marijuana. In English, it's called "concentrate," and different methods of concentrating marijuana oil are sometimes referred to as Dab, Shatter, Wax, Hash, Oil, etc.

The rise of oil has several reasons. One is due to the increase in concentration and purity. Oil can contain 80-90% of cannabinoids, which is more concentrated and pure than regular dry marijuana flowers. And when smoking oil, there's no need to burn it, just heat it, which greatly reduces tar, making it relatively healthier. The main harm of marijuana comes from the tar generated when burning it.

When people use oil, they use a device called a Vaporizer, also known as a heater or a vaporizer in Chinese. This technology is an evolution of how people use substances and greatly increases efficiency while reducing unnecessary or harmful substances. Nowadays, iQos or other heating cigarettes also use this technology.

This technology comes from the legalization of medicinal marijuana. Originally, doctors developed this technology to reduce tar for patients using marijuana to treat illnesses. For me, this is a very progressive technology that greatly increases the efficiency and quality of substance absorption. It's a revolutionary invention because the temperature is crucial when using substances, and non-burning methods greatly reduce tar, the most harmful substance to the human body. This also allows us to have more accurate control over the substances we inhale. It's an absolutely great invention.